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Zone TV:

Your TV - Your Way

Target Market: Males, 15-24yrs

Zone TV shows short-form content that’s on-trend,
funny and witty.

It’s a website with a mix of locally produced programs and internationally acquired content.

With a mix of comedy, sport and light entertainment, Zone taps into the sharing culture of social media to create viral hits.

Zone TV mixes comedy, sport and light entertainment in fun and engaging short-form videos that are purpose-built for the sharing culture of social media.

This digital platform is largely gender-neutral, offering equal appeal to both male and female audiences, skewing slightly toward male interests to attract the greatest online audience share.

We aim to leverage the advertising opportunities created by web users who’ve made Saudi Arabia the world’s number one consumer for online videos.

With web video being the most popular media in the world today – make sure your brand is in the zone with us:

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