Sport is an important economic, social and cultural platform in a vibrant KSA” and do play vital role to engaging people in both participation and spectator sport. This required constructive professional effort and time to organize, mechanize, market, and administrate any sports events.

CE and SAFF have created a joint venture to generate LED revenue from Saudi Arabia National Team Asian Cup and World Cup qualification matches with solid vision and mission.

Sharing Saudi’s love of National Football harnessing on The atmosphere, The excitement, The moment, The glory, Tears, Drama, Pride, Tension … we are a nation who are obsessed with the beautiful game.

Every time the Saudi national football team plays, I remember the 1992 qualifications games and how it made me feel as a kid. Game day was a big event and still is, we used to prepare for it at least one week ahead of the game, first we check our school schedule and talk to our teachers in advance and make sure they don’t ask us to have exams in the same week or at least in the same day! Also we would try our best to get together with classmates to watch the game at one of our houses with the permission of our parents most of the time!

Fast forward to 2021, our Eagles are back in the spot again, we have 4 more qualifications games for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, three of them will be played at home. Our home game schedule is:

25/03/2021 Jeddah Vs. Yemen
07/06/2021 Jeddah Vs. Palestine
15/06/2021 Jeddah Vs. Uzbekistan


Our chances of winning and passing through to the next stage are quite high however our opponents doesn’t think so and they will make our game as tough as possible.

The Saudi national team has many stars and solid players which are followed in and off the pitch by millions of fans, like Fahad Almouwalad, Salem Aldosary, Salman ALfaraj, Yaser Alshahrani, Abdulelah Almalki and many more.

At Creative Edge we have the exclusive rights for SAFF ( Saudi Arabian Football federation) coming home games in 2021, what a great opportunity for companies to reach out to fans of the number one sport in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

More than 30 million Saudi fans will be tuning in at kick off time Guaranteed.

To learn more about the sponsorship agreements and advertising spaces in the field LED’s please contact me directly for more details.


Achievements of the Saudi National team: