The programs span, from lifestyle to Nutrition to Prize winning competitions to Sparkling new versions of Ramadan religious songs and satirical comedy drama “Abu Shuail – مسلسل أبو شعيل “. Below is precise overview of the programs:

o   Kanak 3alaa Al Tareeg – كأنك على الطريق Sun – Thurs (09:00 – 10:59)

Morning program that brings the latest headlines and hottest bulletin from newspapers and social media. Highlights about the weather conditions. Tips for commuters that are moving or confined at home this time of the day.

Also highlights the famous trends and hashtags in the blessed month of Ramadan covering topics interacted by Social Media by emphasizing in an entertaining manner everything that is on Twitter, whether these events were social, sporting or artistic.

o   SA7SE7- صحصح Sun – Thurs (11:00 – 12:59)

The Morning show that discusses the lifestyle, health and Nutrition during the Holy month of Ramadan.

o   NOSTALGIA – نوستالجيا Sun – Thurs (13:00 – 13:59)

An entertaining cultural program that takes listeners on a journey in the medieval era and talks about the most prominent Muslim scholars during this era.

Nostalgia is a Greek term meaning longing the past

o   BEL AL MAGLOOB – بالمقلوب Sun – Thurs (14:00 – 14:59)

Entertainment competitions program during the weekdays

o   HIGHWAY- هاي واي Sun – Thurs (16:00 – 17:59)

Knockout quiz competition

A subject to discuss is given to the contestant in order to succeeded to next stage of the competition “ Harouf Wo Khawf”.

1)   Fortune wheel is rotated to select the letter according to the luck of the caller.

2)   Three questions are presented to the listener with 3 levels (easy – medium – difficult).

3)   All answers must be the same letter.

4)   The contestant must answer the three questions to enter the grand prize

o   ONE FAMILY- عائلة واحدة Tues – Wed (22:00 – 22:59)

A symbiotic Social program sheds the light on some humanitarian cases on a daily basis and will be discussed live on air, stimulate people who are willing to donate money to needy people.

o   FAWANEES- فوانيس Sun – Thurs (00:00 – 00:59)

An interactive entertaining competitions program where a caller must choose from the lanterns.

1)    Lantern 1: This option to calculate numbers or countdown from 20 to 1 of even or odd numbers.

2)    Lantern 2: A story or subject is mentioned on the condition of replacing a character with another letter Example: Speaking without a letter and replacing it with the letter Zain.

3)    Lantern 3: The presenter says words to the listeners … Are these words synonymous or anonymous?

4)    Lantern 4: Fun and entertainment: choice a place and the presenter ask callers that begins with the last character of the word selected and continue until it is difficult to guess or get out of the place and lose the game.


o   REMOTE – ريموت Sun – Thurs (23:00 – 23:59)