As common practice of the company, Ramadan Iftar program is done every year except 2020 due to the lockdown that was imposed in the country. This year the event took place on Wednesday 28thApril 2021, at Casablanca Hotel in Jeddah. Dr. Mohamed Abuljadail CEO of the company did award certificate of appreciations to Mr. Christian Al Rai, Sales Director Riyadh for achieving the highest number of sales figures in the company. Below is a summary the speech given by the CEO.

“Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns has affected business all over the world and has changed the lifestyles and understanding of each of us towards to health issues, life and survivals. In creative Edge, few of us had corona virus and I was one of them. I need to be hospitalized and stayed in ICU for one month. Miss Samia Bu Kassim and Mr. Salem Badahman has the epidemic and thanks good all of us are in good state of health now. It was fortunate that we did not have to lose any of our colleagues or our beloved ones.”

“Let us move to a point of optimism for this company, since joining CE in 2016, I found that it is a company with initiatives. In the first year I joined, Saudi Talents program was one of our major projects, the following year a documentary film about King Abdullah and Misk Foundation consultation and sponsorship sales. In 2019, we had two international events to organize for Jeddah Seasons: FIBA 3 X 3 World Basketball championship for cities and Scoop; parachute jumping championship. We also launched Beauty Screen project.”

“I hope and believe that 2021 will be better than last year, I have been seeing hope and success … sales have started to pick up this month. We are very excited about what the remaining months of 2021 have in store for all of us. This will be a year of growth and new opportunities for everyone at CE. We appreciate your continued commitment to the company and our growth. We are confident we can make this mutually rewarding.”

“Our reputation is our most treasured asset and the base on which we have built our company. Everyone at CE knows that the only way to protect and improve our reputation is to exceed the client’s expectations, meet our commitments, innovate in our business and deliver excellence (as our mantra says “We make it Happen”).”


“I hope that you left this family gathering inspired, motivated, and ready to elevate your life — both personally and professionally. Thank you to all attendees for creating a remarkable experience in Jeddah.”

What are the most valuable challenges in CE? The answer is the tasks assigned upon us.

Thank you for your efforts.