Covid-19 epidemic has shown many businesses the strength of influencer marketing. The irony is that a lot of business owners are still struggling to use the medium effectively. The reason for this is not only the absence of common currency but numerous mistakes performed throughout basic influencer marketing best practices.

Many businesses are doing the wrong thing and thinking they are doing influencer marketing, which is not at all. There has been immense misunderstanding …  believing that the more followers the better result … not taking in consideration that followers could be purchased.

To professionally tackle the issues and help the industry appropriately, Creative Edge has started new services. On demand service that enables advertisers to reach hyperlocal influencers. Professional influencers registered and segmented by age, gender and type are rated based on their influence along with audience segmentation for follower insight.

Influencers management unit that enables you find and make contract with the right influencer.

A precise overview on the demographic breakdown of the influencers and where they perfectly fit is shared with the client. Once the influencer and the client do align, then the campaign is executed in any space.

When we use an influencer, we are consolidating and selecting an influencer that has the same target audience to make it a lot more highly targeted.

Effective Platform: