Beauty Screens is an initiative to help boost the local economy by creating free ads for local businesses and running them across SR 50,000 of space.

This is a call for all agencies and local business owners to register themselves with us to get free advertising spaces on the Beauty Screens for two weeks.

Out of all entrants received, we will select three business: it could be cloth retail or manufacturing; local hotels and accommodation company; recruitment and domestic helper agency; local restaurants and takeaways; a registered charity organization that raises money for neediest and medical research.

At Creative Edge, we understand that unless you’re in the hand sanitizer, medical or food retail, 2020 was a difficult year for all other business and sectors. But with its fully operation in two major cities (Riyadh and Jeddah), Beauty Screens plays big role to help businesses get back on their feet. This idea is all about showing off Creative Edge’s ability to solve problems for businesses as many local businesses were in a inconsistent situation: they wanted to get back on but couldn’t afford the huge cost of advertising.

Beauty Screens is a great opportunity for the three winners, the contents on the screens are carefully selected to engage the audiences with current fashion events, entertainments, light information, beauty matters, how to keep fit & healthy and cooking (to prepare snacks and juices). Greater variety and more precise targeting opportunities mean a more effective and efficient way to reach your customers.

Creative Edge now offer beauty salon advertising opportunities in 100 carefully selected salons in Jeddah and Riyadh. These salons welcome on average 150,000 visitors a month. With over 130 LED screens placed within 100 salons advertisers have access to a captive audience, with a reach of over 90% OTS.