The Eleventh KSA RDM Wave of the year and the fifth radio rating for period of post-lockdown have landed with Mix FM retaining the top positions in Riyadh, Jeddah and Madinah.

Content, production, and music departments heads succeeded to adjust the programs shrewdly without any twitches and/or bumpy ride felt by the listeners.

They did manage to entertain the listeners by harmonizing the content with music and reliable news. The presenters went to the usual preparation and guidance.

Today’s result is a clear acknowledgement that our listeners turn to us as a place for entertainment, Arabic, and International music as well as a trusted source of information. Interaction to all programs of Mix FM has increased by receiving an unprecedented number of listener calls, WhatsApp messages, emails, downloading of Mix FM application and actively participation in Mix FM social media and website.

“These figures show that we have attracted many new listeners who have recognized the influence of our multi-facet programs, competition, music and reliable news.”

Top 10 is the music industry standard record chart for Arabic and International songs, aired on Mondays and Thursdays. Chart rankings are based on numerous factors such as sales, YouTube viewers, and online streaming.

Below figures are from Ipsos KSA RDM wave, the field work is done in the period of 2nd to 29th November 2020.

Mix FM No. 1 in Riyadh City:


Mix FM No. 1 in Jeddah City:


Mix FM No. 1 in Madina City:


Mix FM No. 1 in Total Population:


Mix FM No. 2 in Total Population: