The same three months in 2020 was dragged down by the economic fallout from the pandemic.

Total advertising revenue is growing for the first time in many years as brands return to the market post the 2020 pandemic year.

First quarter radio revenue 2021 was down by 36% on the same three months last year. Mix FM‘s share was more than 23% which grew up by 8% compared to the first quarter of 2020.

We anticipate that the second quarter market revenue to grow up by 170% compared with second quarter of 2020.

In Spite that radio market was down by 14%, Mix FM’s share was up by 12% for the period Jan to Apr 2021. I extrapolate that Mix FM’s second quarter growth to surpass 280%.

On the other hand, in major metropolitan cities Mix FM is the first choice with the listeners and gaining first position in listenership figures. Below are extractions from the third wave of Ipsos KSA RDM Wave for the period 2nd to 29th March 2021.

Mix FM No. 1 in Riyadh City:

Mix FM No. 1 in Jeddah City:

Mix FM No. 1 in Males 15-24 Years:

Mix FM No. 2 in 15-24 Years in Madina City:

Mix FM No. 2 in 15-24 Years in Eastern Province:

Reach and No. of Listeners:


Total Population:


Riyadh City:


Jeddah City: