We are beginning to come back to the familiarities of what life resembled before COVID-19. People resumed their office; Cafes, restaurants, beauty salons and hairdressers have reopened their doors. Schools are open online for a moment and children will returned to class in few weeks back. COVID-19 has eventually changed the mode we live and work.

We have seen a quantum leaps in digital revolution and how business implemented and adapted to this shift in a few days.

Over three-quarter of workers in Saudi Arabia have ended up working from home on some level. For some companies, it was simple guaranteeing that all employee had connected but others due to their nature of business could not get ahead.

Remote Cheerer allowed sports fans to bring the excitement of the stadium; fans could cheer, chant, clap and boo. The sounds were broadcast, players could hear it all. This is an epic of creativity at the time of social distancing and lockdown.

Traditional marketers are now looking at an unrecognizable marketing funnel.
All the stages of the funnel are still there; they just look a little different.

Currently, Marketers are exploring unorthodox marketing funnel.

All the phases of the channel are still there, they simply look somewhat out-of-box idea.

Marketers still need to:

be that as it may, the order in which they do so has changed and the strategies utilized are not, at this point as unsurprising as they used to be. The pandemic has changed consumer habits; hence we will see a shift in mood and mode of consumers purchase power in short, mid, and long term.

The workforce globally has seen a decline in their income, and some have even lost their jobs. Confidence rate that their economy will recover will definitely take some months. Value for money will be at the forefront of any consumer’s purchase decision without compromising with quality. Many of us have adopted to sharing rather than spending or even investing; we know our money will be helping and keeping many doors open.

Content, creative and social media strategies need to be modified to cater the new norm of work and lifestyle imposed on us because of Covid-19 pandemic.