In comparison with the previous year, Total Pan Arab ad spend growth declined from 21.9% to 1.7%; this is due to the world’s largest economies reacted to the COVID-19 threat.

As the coronavirus pandemic disrupts every aspect of our daily lives, we have been monitoring the impact on Pan Arab ad spend so we can be aware of to the latest trends and strategies.

Analyzing pre-coronavirus month, February 2020, with the month of March 2020 there is an overall increase of 6.7% in advertising expenditure in the traditional media. In contrary, in 2019, this increase of revenue reached 27.8%.

Analyzing pre-coronavirus

Analyzing over 2.2 Billion Pan Arab advertising bid, different sector acted to the impact inversely; E-commerce & website, Sport, Entertainment & Leisure, Transportation(Airlines, Shipping & etc.…), Clothing and Industrial sectors experienced the steepest ad spend declines, while Servicing Companies, Office Supplies, Media Advertising, Food & Drinks and Distribution saw distinct increases.



Salem Badahman,
Head of Research
Creative Edge